san domenico

“Family Lounge” is especially designed with the whole family in mind. A unique space that combines energy & calmness to bring together & satisfy every generation.
“Café Bar” with an atmosphere of relaxation & elegant design, is the ideal space for conversation & creativity.


Whichever side is your favourite you can be sure that we represent the values that truly matter..
Sustainability, Environment, Inclusivity & Family.
Although we believe a plant based diet is best, we also believe in bringing people together, Inclusivity not exclusivity. This is why you’ll find delicious menu options whatever your choice – vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, pescatarian, fruitarian, paleo, raw, gluten-free, dairy-free & sugar-free.
We constantly try to source Sustainable products & although we believe organic foods are better we also believe buying local products is the most sustainable & ethical practice. This is why we use local growers & producers whenever possible & why we have established our own “Urban Farm” to ensure high quality, strictly organic & locally grown ingredients go into our products.
Improvement & success cannot be achieved without Environmental awareness, so along with our recycling efforts we have introduced our own composting project. We estimate that every year we can save 70,000kg of food, paper & coffee going to waste or incineration.

Domenico is a family. Built & run with family values so that when you walk through our doors, you too will feel like family, at home away from home.




“A place where there is no ′′can't, we don't have, we don't know′′ Quality food and coffee, excellent service, from my experience so far it’s the best in Kosice”
Kiwina Kiwinka / FB 
“A delightful find, perfect for a cosy and relaxing breakfast. Great music and nice staff. Highly recommend!”
Claire Adams / Google
"This coffee review is coming from original Italian, I never expected that I will find in Košice coffee that will try to compete with Sicilian coffees, but I have to admit, San Domenico's coffee is amazing.”
Marco Marciano / Google
“I love this cafe . The service is what makes it but they do really good sandwiches and bagels. Honestly cannot fault this spot.”
IrishGirlAbr0ad / Trip Advisor
“I absolutely love this cafe......every time I visit it has such a great vibe about it really friendly and helpful staff and a menu to die for”
Mayjam2 / Trip Advisor
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