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Our Story

Our family run café & bakery has been serving up locally sourced, healthy alternatives, since 2012.
Domenico is the café for every-body, for every-diet & for every-day. Our Passion? Great service, great coffee & great food, oh did we mention? It’s delicious too!


Welcome to Domenico Cafe where a cosy atmosphere, elegant design, great service & good music await.

OUR Cakery

Everyday we take the very best quality fresh ingredients & create a mouth-watering selection of Cakes, Brownies, Cookies, Puddings & a variety of other Sweets and Treats.



  1. 2012 Established San Domenico

    Alternative milks & Kosice’s first raw cakes
  2. 2015 New Family ownership

    Start of Quality improvement project.
  3. 2017 Family Lounge creation

    Phases 1&2 of renovation project completed.
  4. 2019 Caffe Bar creation

    Phases 3&4 of renovation project completed.
  5. 2022 What’s next?

    San Domenico's 10th Anniversary celebrations

Domenico Organic

Urban Farm

In 2019 we established the Domenico urban farm to bring you trusted, fresh, local & organic ingredients.


The garden itself has already been fully organic for 20 years & was managed by the regions lead professor of agricultural faculties.
In 2022 we aim to be using a wide selection of our own organic salads, microgreens, fruits & vegetables. The Domenico Organic Urban Farm is the latest step in our commitment to using local & organic ingredients, as a philosophy of sustainable and ethical living.



the Team

Enjoy each bite

Homemade & Local

We select only the very best ingredients for our homemade products, to bring you a delicious & nutritious range you can trust. We have a tireless commitment to sourcing locally farmed & organic ingredients throughout every season.


Every-day we prepare the healthiest guilt-free breakfasts, lunches, pastries, dips, cakes & sweets, to satisfy your every craving. We´re committed and passionate about making real, honest food with maximum nutrition for optimum health benefits.
Our Homemade range of ingredients & products are all made with dedication by our team, so you can be assured of the quality in every sip & every bite. Nutella for your warm croissant, jams for your Bagel, refreshing Chia puddings, Smoothie Bowls, Granola, Swiss Oats, Banana Bread, Hummus, Pesto, Soups, Raw Falafel & more. We create our own dressings for salads & sandwiches, vegan Parmesan & vegan Mayo. Our selection of natural breads, bagels & wrappers are also homemade locally including, Spelt, Sourdough, Brown Seed and Gluten & Dairy-free. Our commitment doesn’t end there, even our herb butter is made in-house. Our drinks receive the same care & commitment, the “Vanilla Cappuccino” is made with 100% Bourbon Vanilla, Lemonades with our own range of syrups, even the garnish in your Aperol Spritz is homemade.
All of our desserts are handmade in our Cakery. Many are gluten-free, lactose-free, egg-free, vegan or raw & all are delicious!


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